Going to college is everyone’s dream; paying college debt? Not really. American students are carrying the weight of a massive $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. 2 million students graduate every year with an average of $33,000 in college debt. Many students graduating with minimal to no experience in the job field are finding it challenging to find a job to keep up with their student loan payments. With healthcare and basic needs expenses going through the roof, the burden of these loan payments are getting to be too much to bear for some. So Burger King has decided to host a contest to help a few fortunate students to get the load off themselves and pay off their outstanding student loan debt.

Burger King is sponsoring a $250,000 contest

This contest is strictly for students suffering from the burden of student loans on their shoulders, consisting of two weekly drawings with a total of 300 students that will win up to $500, and one lucky student will get the prize of $100,000 which will help him not only paying his student loan debt but leaving him with some change in his pocket. 

Applying to enter this contest is very simple. All you have to do is download the Burger King app and register with your email address and the amount you pay monthly for your student loans. There is no necessity to buy an item from Burger King, and the registration date starts from 23rd May, and 6th June is the deadline for registering while the grand prize winner will be announced on 13th June.

Burger King has faced backlash and praises for their move

Praises that there is someone like Burger King thinking about the wellbeing of students who are the future of the nation, getting the debt off their shoulders will be very beneficial for them to plan their future without any hassle or burden of their Student Loans.

Burger King has also faced adverse reaction as they could’ve used that money to increase the wages of the workers in their restaurants. As the workers working in fast food restaurant chains do not come from a wealthy background and giving a poor person or student, the lowest minimum wage while distributing money for competitions is very unfair of Burger King.

Robert F. Smith, the billionaire investor, faced a similar backlash as Burger King when he wished to pay off student loans of graduates of Morehouse College. A game show on TruTv went through the same case when they tried to pay off student loan debt; people questioned their intention, which was to exploit the financial problems of student for their own benefit.