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Is Getting Rid Of The Mortgage Interest Deduction A Good Idea?

With the approach of the 2020 election, the talk about the current tax code will start to pick up. Like every election before it and probably every election after it, the 2020 election will feature taxes in some form. One of the most accessible parts of the tax code to change would be the mortgage interest tax deduction. If the deduction was eliminated, then other rates could be lowered.

The reasons behind the deduction

The reasoning behind the mortgage tax deduction is very much rooted in our history, where owning a home was seen a great investment. To help prospective buyers out in a way, the deduction was introduced to save middle-class and upper-class homeowners a good chunk of change. To replace the tax deduction, the IRS could impose lower

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Mortgage Rates Just Hit A 2 1/2 Year Low

Freddie Mac reported, on Thursday, that the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 3.73% down. The 15-year fixed-rate mortgage average 3.16% down nearly .09% from previous years.  The fixed-rate mortgages are tracked by the 10-year U.S. Treasury note, which itself is down 0.36%.

The drop-in rates and the treasury note are primarily due to the increased investment in more secure investments by investors that are fearing the increasing tensions between China and America. The rising trade war is not the only worrying situation in the world with other geopolitical conflicts on the horizon. Many American investors are looking inward instead of foreign markets.  

When international politics make the economic waters rocky, many investors choose to invest in bonds. Bonds historically are one of the safest forms of investment and are

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More Charges for Anthony Garvin of Jersey City in Mortgage Fraud Scheme

In the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis, there was a growing segment of the real estate investors that focused solely on undervalued properties. This style of investing is best summed up in the phrase, “Buy the worst house in the best neighborhood.” The investors then would renovate the home, or flip the house, and sell the property for a profit.

Anthony Garvin, a 49-year-old from Jersey City, used the idea of flipping houses to supposedly generate a multimillion-dollar mortgage fraud scheme. Anthony Garvin was charged last Tuesday. He was arrest with suspected co-conspirator Christopher Goodson from Newark.

Garvin was charged with 1 count of Bank Fraud conspiracy and 5 counts of Bank Fraud. Garvin was first charged back on November 17,

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How the Student Loan Debt Crisis Affects the Economy

In the year 1973, there was a fundamental change in the student loan industry. That change was the founding of Sallie Mae. Under Sallie Mae, student loans became easier and easier from prospective university students to receive funding. This ease of funding caused an explosion in student loan debt. Between the years 2006 and 2016, student loan debt grew an incredible 170% from about $400 Billion to over $1.3 trillion.

How student loans effect you

There have been several studies that have shown that student loan debt affects your personal life, just like it affects your financial life. In the case of men, student loan debt shows little to no effect on marriage, but there is a correlation between increased student loan debt and unlikeliness from young women to get married.


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