Integrated Loans is an independent provider of information about mortgages, student loans, and other related financial products and news, published online at Based in Leesburg, Florida.

Established as a domain near the mortgage loan boom of the mid two thousands, Integrated Loans was once the mortgage business website of Integrated Capital Management. After the financial crisis of late 2007 – 2008,, the domain, was given as a gift after Integrated Capital Management was dissolved in 2010 and turned into a financial news and resource website. 

As of 2019, Integrated Loans has been updated with a new look and is committed to providing the world’s best coverage of financial news and breaking information, so we welcome your contributions to the site, whether they be through offerings of new editorial content or advertising requests.

Our Team

  • Christian Stogner – Owner of Integrated Loans
  • Oleg Stogner – Contributing Editor
  • Elizavetta Belorussova – Contributing Editor