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Bernie Sanders’ Proposed Student Loan Forgiveness Plan

If the student loan forgiveness bill is passed, then the following would go into effect. The Secretary of Education would have 6 months to cancel all outstanding student loan debt that the federal government provides, insured, or guaranteed. This bill would also grant the Secretary of Education the authority to purchase the outstanding loans from private lenders. The program would get private lenders to sell to them by paying off all unpaid portions of the debt including principal, interest and any late charges.

How it will affect the average American

43 million Americans owe money to the federal government due to student loans. The total amount of federal student debt is $1.4 trillion. To those Americans with just federal student debt, their loans would all be forgiven. This will allow those

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What Is Blockchain Lending: Blockchain Lending Explained

With the advancements in the field of science and technology, the inner workings of different fields are changing, and the same goes for the world of business and finance. A new term that has evolved on the scene as of recent is Blockchain Technology. Blockchain has suddenly become an important factor for business and the financial world. The below study will provide the required details about Blockchain.

What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a record-keeping system. The term blockchain refers to a chain of the digital blocks in which information and transactions are recorded on a real-time basis. An important point to notice is that the information in a block includes the basic information about a transaction. This information is number figures, dollar amounts, the date and time of the transaction.

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How To Get Rid of Your Student Loan Debt Fast In 2020

A growing number of people get student loans as they don’t have other means to pay for college fees. While no one can argue that getting a loan is a necessity for many people, it’s also unquestionable that student loan debt can put the future of many people at stake.

No one likes to be under the burden of debts, so people adopt different methods to get rid of them. Some try to find a shortcut and use illegal ways to pay their loans and or do shady business. While there are minor chances that they would be able to pay off their loans, there are huge chances they would fail and end up in jail.

You don’t need these methods to get rid of your student loan debt, as there

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What is a Good Credit Score: 2020 Credit Score Chart & Range

A credit score is a number that typically ranges from 300 – 850 and is used by financial institutions to evaluate a credit applicants ability and willingness to pay back the funds they’re requesting to borrow. Credit scores can also reflect how responsible an individual is when applying for a job, how likely they are to pay for their rental property on time or to access risk when applying for insurance.

The most common types of financial institutions include commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and asset management funds. Other types include the financial departments of “buy here, pay here” auto dealerships and furniture rental stores, credit unions, and finance firms.

Types of credit scores

Typically there are two types of credit scores:

  1. FICO®
  2. VantageScore

However, you may also find industry specific scores.

What is a

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